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Sunken Frequencies x The Pinco.

Size: 2”

Full Glow in the Dark

Orlando based duo Sunken Frequencies made up of Jonathan Beeman and Sean Chevalier began making music and diving into depths of production in 2017. Both graduated from Florida Institute of Recording Sound Technology, where they expanded their knowledge of music production and sound. Over the years, they have developed and refined their work into something truly unique. Residing in the realm  of dubstep, their music seeks to bring listeners on a journey through sound and themselves, combining deep, ominous tones with an homage to ancient cultures. They draw inspiration from spirituality, reflection, and shadow realms, evident in their usage of dark, atmospheric melodies and heavy, distorted bass sounds.


The Pin Co is an independently run company, by no means are we a large corporation however we feel the responsibility given our platform to give back to the world where we can. Our first initiative will be our "Green Thumb Program" in which we will be planting a tree for every retail pin sold.

We have teamed up with One Tree Planted for our tree planting.