"The Hive" Pin

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The Hive  x The PinCo.

The Hive Fire LLC is the wold's only all female fire breathing collective. Born on a winter day, atop a roof where a speech was given. A strong woman stood in front of her party before their performance and spoke about the luxury and decadence of honey, spoke about how honey pertains to the power and richness of fire. She stood and compared a Bee Hive to community, where woman are the most central unit of strength.

More about The Hive: https://www.thehivefire.com/

The Pin Co is an independently run company, by no means are we a large corporation however we feel the responsibility given our platform to give back to the world where we can. Together with The Hive our initiative for this pin will be to give a percentage of proceeds to the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization RAINN. 

Learn more about RAINN here: https://www.rainn.org/about-rainn

Limited Edition x 100